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About Us!

Beauty is the essence of life and every person tries to retain it. On the other hand ageing is an ongoing fact that takes its toll in numerous ways. Cosmetic surgery tries to modify your appearance in small but important ways therefore its practice has boomed in recent years. At the same time it is an unavoidable fact that these procedures are not and never will be unfailingly perfect. Pursuance to improve skills with regular practice, modern understanding of anatomy, improved instrumentation, and upgraded equipment’s can benefit both alike.

With all these facts into our consideration we began the quest to open a cosmetic surgery and laser Centre to be located at most approachable location. Our mission started in January 2009 and after two years of visits and extensive training to best cosmetic and laser clinics in Asia we started Patna cosmetic and laser clinic in August 2010. Our aim is to serve our clients as kindly and professionally as possible. In addition to receiving the expert advice and attention of our renowned Cosmetic surgeon Dr Ratan Sharma, we added a dedicated team so that client feels as relaxed and comfortable as possible before and after they receive their treatments.

We possess the best in class laser equipment for all common usage that is permanent hair removal (Diode by Asceplion, Germany, Long pulse and IPL by Quanta), Q switch laser for tattoo removal by Quanta, Italy, CO2 fractional laser for acne scar, other scars, and wrinkle removal by Bison. In addition we have recently upgraded our center by inducting Palomer USA Max G laser system to address port wine stain and other vascular and congenital lesions. This is only the 6th installation in India and first in northeastern region.

What is even more important that we have a very experienced medical and laser aesthetician (Dr Tripti Sharma) who has advanced training in laser usage over Asian population and medical grade skin care regimens. We feel comfortable and benefited as a team and as long as the patient is willing to pull their effort a long term maintenance of youthful and blemish free skin can be achieved. At this young cosmetic Centre we have assembled an excellent team of cosmetic surgeon, medical aesthetician and staff members in order to ensure that your experience with us is as positive and beneficial as possible. Whatever nature of work you seek, either a major cosmetic procedure like tummy tuck, breast surgery, hair transplant or something less involved like microdermabrasion and or BOTOX, or like some laser procedure, we assure that you will experience as little discomfort as possible and end up very pleased with the result. Our cosmetic surgeon has amassed years of expertise and if you have questions of what we can do to help you to enhance your outlook please contact us on [email protected]

Our plastic surgeon Dr Ratan Sharma has dedicated most of his life to become one of the most acclaimed plastic and microvascuar surgeon of eastern India. He has extensive training and work experience in the field of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve surgery and started a fully equipped pe. During his undergraduate training period plastic surgery was known for treatment of burn and cleft lip surgery. During post graduate training cosmetic surgery was a burgeoning segment of medical industry. During training at Chang Gung memorial hospital at Taiwan he developed his passion for cosmetic surgery. With an excellent background and experience in tissue handling which is the essence of quality surgery he groomed himself as a cosmetic surgeon. He strives to keep his skills and knowledge up to date via hours of continuing medical education and visits to good centers every year.