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Hair loss treatment

Hair loss is a common problem throughout the world for both men and women. It is normal to shed 70 to 100 hairs each day from head to toe. Naturally these hairs replenish themselves on their own. However some people may notice excessive hair loss in which the body cannot replenish the total amount lost, and it appears as thinning of hair. Hair loss occurs because our hair follicle weakens. A number of factors can cause excessive hair loss. Some of these are excessive dihydrotestosterone(DHT) in the body, mild to aggressive stress, anxiety before surgery, and high hormonal fluctuations during normal pregnancy. Stress related hair loss is temporary and one can simply choose to wait until the hair grows back naturally. All modes of treatment e.g. mesotherapy, medications, and laser yield a good result. DHT related hair loss chokes the hair follicles starting a miniaturization process, and making the hair thinner until it becomes fuzz hair and finally the hair roots will vanish. Also thinner veins round the scalp area are responsible for insufficient amount of blood flow, therefore starving the roots of nutrients and oxygen that is necessary for healthy hair growth. Hormonal imbalances that cause hair loss are rare and require hormone therapy by a specialist. In addition aging, environmental pollution, infection, injury, radiations may increase hair loss considerably. Over the past 25 years it was proved that hair loss is due to DHT. DHT causes gradual thinning and shrinking of the hair follicle until it no longer exist. DHT itself attaches to the hair follicle and over time causes it to thin and shred. Over 90% of the time DHT is the cause of hair loss.

Hair loss pattern in female is different from male. Here hair loss tends to be an even overall thinning in comparison to men hair loss in which hair line recedes and or there is balding on the crown. Women may experience hair loss because of pregnancy and delivery, however this is a temporary phase and hair growth returns to normal in most cases. Aim of therapy is to increase circulation of blood flow to hair follicle area to stimulate the hair organs( nerves, growth centers of the hair follicle) by pumping nutrients to the follicles and removing harmful waste products, such as DHT. There is increase in the cellular metabolism and the resulting increased energy transforms weakened follicles into a healthy follicle and hair growth. Treatment strategy is established and is done by various formulations (to counter hair fall and stimulate regeneration), that is introduced close to the hair follicle either by a dermaroller, mesogun or electroportation device. Mesogun uses a 40 g needle, is minimally invasive, and can be easily used for all types of patients and hair conditions. Anti-hair fall protocol includes mesotherapy once a week for 10 weeks and hair regeneration therapy includes stem cells mesotherapy 3 sessions at 10 days followed by 3 sessions at 15 days. Both the protocols include maintenance therapy as per requirement.