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From the pen of the editor

Cosmetic and laser surgery is no more localized to a specific group and now caters a wider population. Its expanding horizon dictates involvement of multiple specialties and a variety of light and ultrasound based machines. Laser is target specific and is able to perform focused job and hence a combination of good lasers with skilled and dedicated team is a basic necessity. For example even the most common laser application for hair removal needs at least a combination of IPL, E light and a diode laser to cover various Indian skin and hair types. We are only the second to install fractional co2 laser with skin scanner and first to install laser hair removal with skin scanner to reduce human based errors. And ours is the only center with widest range of liposuction systems (ultrasound assisted, laser assisted, water jet liposuction, and mini liposuction) for different areas of body. With the support of dedicated and skilled team of experts (Cosmetologist, Dermatologist and plastic surgeons) we have become the first choice in Bihar and Jharkhand. We will be honored if you visit us.


Dr Tripti Sharma

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