Laser surgery

Laser was developed in 1950s and soon after was inducted in the treatment. But actual laser applications for a dozen of diseases were pioneered in 1980s and 1990s. It underwent a period of hype when its prognostic projection was unrealistic and long term results were yet to be universally accepted. Then came the period of realization and through researches finally emerged the modern laser power to combat diseases. New breakthrough in technologies are adding to the safety and expanding the sphere of treatment. Two best things about laser treatment are that it is pain free and most treatments are basically lunch time procedure that is recovery period is almost nil. Most of the lasers work by transforming energy at various depths to produce heat that is either meant to destroy the target or to induce regeneration in the target. That is why there is a gap of few weeks for the visual effect to appear after the treatment. Such as after the first shot of laser hair removal , the hair fall is visible after a gap of 2/3 weeks. Presently laser treatment is being advocated for the following purpose.

Laser hair removal
Laser Tattoo removal
Laser melasma removal and age spot
Congenital skin lesions (naevus of ota)
Acquired lesions like skin tag, moles, warts
Fractional Skin resurfacing
Fractional skin tightening,
Laser wrinkle removal
Photo rejuvenation
Ant aging treatment
Face lift
Fractional / Q switch skin glow
Stretch marks treatment
Laser acne treatment