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Plastic and Microneurovascular Surgery

Plastic surgery was known for cleft lip and palate and burn treatment. In the last two decades with the improvement of optics and fine instruments the microneurovascular capability has hanged the horizon of reconstruction and hand surgery. The quality of trauma surgery has also improved markedly. But the present problem is scarcity of skilled microvascular and trauma services at B grade city levels in India. We are glad to announce that we performed the first vascular tissue transfer in Patna (Bihar and Jharkhand) in 2004 and since then we are regularly providing microneurovascular services both in trauma and routine major reconstruction at Niramaya hospital at Kankerbagh Patna. Not only that we have a team of Plastic surgeons to serve you in all four subspecialty of plastic surgery.

A) General Plastic – Deals with wound management, and major and minor congenital deformities-cleft lip and cleft palate, syndactyly, hypospadius
B) Burn and post burn deformities.
C) Facio maxillary surgery- Deals with soft tissue trauma and multiple and simple facial bone fractures, orthognathic surgeries, mandible lengthening surgery (with use of distractors) and reconstructions after major cancer resection.,
D) Microneurovascular surgery – D1-Acute trauma based vascular compromise not pertaining to amputation (popliteal, axillary artery injury), wrist cut
D2-Amputation of fingers, hand and lower limb and or avulsion of scalp
D3-Hand injuries itself is a subspecialty and now a days it is universally accepted that a good outcome can be delivered with good microvascular skills and competent rehabilitation backup. It covers a wide range of injuries from amputation of fingers to loss of tendon, soft tissue, tight contractures and many more.
D4- Vascular tissue transfer for post trauma or cancer reconstruction- radial forearm, vascular fibular flap, anterolateral thigh flap with or without vastus lateralis muscle, gracilis muscle (functional muscle transfer) and toe transfer are done here.
D5-Peripheral nerve injury acute and delayed- Complete treatment range from group fascicular repair to functional muscle transfer is being performed.
D6-We also provide our expertise in facial nerve palsy by surgery for correction of upper eye lid, upper lip deviation and lower lip deviation.
D7-Brachial plexus injury that may include end to end anastomosis, interposition sural nerve graft, nerve transfer such as intercoastal to musculocutaneous or phrenic and spinal accessory to one of the trunks and tendon and functional muscle transfer to supplement nerve surgery whenever the situation demand. The aim in brachial plexus surgery is to provide a pain free and functional hand as these surgeries are not always done in the golden period and the degree of trauma may not have spared nerve donor.

We have a state of art operation theatre (Zeiss microscope), an excellent team of plastic surgeons and anesthetist to provide services round the clock. Our emergency mobile numbers are 09955337747 and 09931727065

OPD consultation

From 10.30 to 2.00 pm at 605 Grand Plaza, DakBunglow Chowk, Fraser road, Patna 800001
From 2.00 to 3.00 pm at Boring road
From 3.00 to 5.00 pm at Niraymaya hospital, near Yogipur sump house, Hanuman nagar, kankerbagh, Patna